(+dis-)embodiment is an exhibition by techno-feminist collaboration Proxy Mund that play with ideas of hegemony, self-optimisation and work culture. The duo present over 70 images of 3D scanned hands which pop up in a sequence of random loops, each picture dotted across the screen in varying sizes and orders with every refresh. This is the first show by External Pages, an online exhibition space that focuses to develop a new wave of net art relating to post-capitalist and xenofeminist thought.

Often applied as a reference to agency and free will, the representation of hands in this exhibition instead looks at how they are vehicles of compulsory production, and function as elements that define labour in both productive and reproductive (such as self-optimising) work. With the idea of physicality wanting to achieve “non-physicality” - fingers working to create virtual content or bodies enhancing to attain happiness - Poxy Mund explore the possibility of defining our anatomies beyond biological borders.
Using 2D screenshots of 3D scans, the pictured arms have a deceivingly interactive aesthetic to them and an audio track automatically plays on loop in the background, teasing the viewer with negligible command over what is happening on the webpage. (+dis-)embodiment applies this lack of power for the user to further question the agency involved in self-reinvention and the consequences of our online identities.
While Proxy Mund’s hands are here viewed as connectors between identity and its surrounding environment, we are introduced to "the lie of disembodied cyberspace" (C. Kraus, I Love Dick, 1997) and how the tangible and intangible operate as non-binary units.

Proxy Mund is an art project made up of Eleni Odysseos and Sofia Albina Novikoff Unger. They examine the connections between technology and the body, reflecting on economic, ecological and feminist discourses. Their medium is a combination of text, sound art, video, 3D modelling & scanning, motion capture, and sculptural objects. Based in London and founded at the Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art course, they are from Russian, Danish and Cypriot backgrounds.

Text written by Ana Meisel, edited by Chris Hayes

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In a translucid internet experience, Acqua Vrzal presents us with ?/§nake/girl/?, the second show by online exhibition space, External Pages.

Currently transitioning from visual to movement, dance and performance art in Berlin, Vrzal’s practice has largely consisted of anonymous admin work, graphic design, and self-portraiture that she “mutilated” by editing and collaging, published under multiple aliases.

This is explored further in the disfigurement of computer graphics or online photography in our first solo show with the interdisciplinary artist. Vrzal introduces us to six main digitally-manipulated pictures that have either been stockpiled from google images or shot through her webcam. They float around our browser in multilayered arrangements and twisted, gelatinous pulsations while little visual assemblages of moths or winged “fairies” are randomly scattered, hovering between the self-portraits like spirit animals. Normal maps are stretched and used as background sets or core elements of a composition while reptiles, aliens and insects append to her photographed skin. References of eggs crop up in a variety of symbols, poems, urls and selfies, which oppose the incessant question of “girl or boy” with “girl or snake”.

While the page is laid out in ways that reminds us of a tumblr blog code that’s been fucked with, the topic of the show rests on how the artist copes with dysphoria, accumulated from her “tumblr trans teenager times”. Mixing liquify filters and magic wand selection tools in Photoshop with glitches and lags in CSS animation filters, ?/§nake/girl/? marries gentle fluid movements with distortion, and asks us what alternatives can be found in exploring the self via grainy DIY imagery and fantasy narratives.

This show will run 24/7 for two full months from October 29th, and is open to all.

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External Pages is an exhibition space that only exists online. Every other month, we showcase an artist or collective who push the potential of viewing art on our browsers, which we code ourselves in collaboration with the exhibitors. External Pages subsists on the outskirts of the Internet, where bottom up approaches to public space and access to art can be explored.


We are always looking for artists, curators or collaborators that want to get involved. To ask questions, talk about a project or join External Pages, please do not hesitate to email Ana on You can submit work by filling out this application form or emailing us.
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This is an online exhibition space that focuses to develop a new wave of net art influenced by anti-capitalist and xenofeminist thought. Founded in 2017 by Ana Meisel, External Pages experiments with web coding to question the placement of internet art in galleries, cheat curatorial hierarchies, and look at how websites can be appropriated as an emancipatory technology. Although the internet’s current state seems futile, exhaustive, and impenetrable, “from a situation in which nothing can happen, suddenly anything is possible again”.
While using the conceptual breadths of art practice to subvert web-based functionalities, this organisation codes all the content for the artists, who have full control over how the show is curated.
External Pages is editable, downloadable, open source/access, and post-cyberfeminist.
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